——   Welcome to Juvo


The majority of the world hears NO when it comes to financial services. We’re using cutting-edge data to say YES to them, and in turn, opening up whole new markets of opportunity. From airtime lending to full-blown financial products, we’re changing the world, one YES at a time.

Our partners in the YES economy

——   Why the Yes Economy?

It’s a huge opportunity.

Billions of people around the world are unbanked, or underbanked. All they ever hear is no when it comes to financial matters. When it comes to basic human services like a mobile phone. No, you’re out of airtime. When it comes to buying a smartphone, NO, you don’t have enough money. Can I finance a scooter to get me to work? NO.

When someone is trying to build a better life, the amount of NO they hear can be overwhelming. Hear enough NO, and you might stop asking for YES. Juvo wants to surprise people by saying YES, and rewarding their good behavior.

——   How We Do It

We’ve done our homework.

We say YES because we’ve done our homework. We’ve used data to build a YES machine, in fact. And we’ve almost completely engineered out the risk, by starting small and stepping people up the ladder in a gamified and engaging manner that rewards their good behavior and offers them more and more access to financial services. It’s not help, it’s not aid, it’s the way a friend treats you. Someone that knows, trusts, and respects you. So they say YES rather than saying NO. The more people hear YES rather than NO, the more the playing field is leveled and the world starts to change for the better.

——  Who we're working with

Mobile Network Operators

Juvo provides Mobile Network Operators the opportunity to choose from multiple products that make up a platform of positive revenue growth.

Financial Service Providers

Juvo creates financial identities based on mobile phone transactions which allows banks and other financial institutions to enter new markets with extremely low risk. In other words, we’ve got the data and we know how to use it.

For The World

Juvo provides the opportunity for billions of people to participate in a new financial world that until now has been closed to them.

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