Identity Changes Everything

There are billions of people in the world who are creditworthy. Juvo makes it easy for mobile operators to find them.

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What We Do

Over 85% of mobile users are prepaid subscribers. Juvo transforms subscriber consumption with real-time credit, the first step towards greater mobile financial services.

How We Do It

Juvo’s solution combines consumer Internet know-how, sophisticated predictive algorithms, and modern game mechanics to increase loyalty, engagement, and value.


Silicon Valley Consumer
Internet Expertise

Cutting-edge mobile app design and engineering enable rich interactions between subscriber and operator and facilitate financial transactions.


Data Science Driven
Identity Scoring

Advanced machine learning determines realtime lending criteria and individual Identity Scores by augmenting top-down credit scoring with bottom-up behavior.


Game Mechanics That
Turn Utility Into Delight

Subscribers are incentivized to engage by earning rewards and achieving status, which translate to credit scoring and segmentation to guide marketing promotions and services packages.


Robust SaaS & BI Solutions

Data visualization from a large subscriber base provide real-time views of key metrics and mobile financial services engagement.


Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Actionable subscriber segmentation enable operators to identify value in real-time, and proactively deliver the right offer at the right time.

Who We Do It For

Our Global Reach

We value our long-term partnerships with mobile operators all over the world.

23 Countries
4 Continents
52million Purchases per year
100million Subscribers
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Who We Are

Our vision: Financial inclusion for all.

We are passionate people with an expert understanding of the digital consumer, data sciences, global telecom business, and emerging financial services. And we believe that we can make the world a better place.