“Working at Juvo is working on solving a real problem for a large underserved population, with a diverse team of people from all over the world.”

- Beverly Lau Engineering

“Having witnessed the take-off of mobile financial services whilst growing up in Kenya made it easy to grasp Juvo’s core mission. Working at Juvo gives me the chance to learn and collaborate with a team of highly skilled and motivated people, building the best technology available to solve a crucial global challenge.”

- Antony Kaguara Product

“Our world-class team is a diverse group who bring a refreshing blend of joy and professionalism to the office every workday.”

- Jason Robinson Product

“Juvo is helping people that are in actual need of help. By bringing lending to people in developing nations, we have the opportunity to really change people’s lives.”

- Jackson Harper Engineering

Juvo by the Numbers

  • 10 languages spoken by staff from 14 countries
  • +1million miles flown in past year
  • 30 countries visited in past year
  • Juvo Culture

    Every person who works at Juvo is a decision-maker. We celebrate collaboration, innovation, and mutual respect, and we empower employees and customers to take action for the greater good.

  • Global Opportunities

    Our team collaborates across time zones every day to change lives in fast-growing developing markets around the world.

  • Our Social Mission

    We are determined to provide financial opportunity and stability for the millions of people across the world who are under-banked or unbanked.

  • Big Brains, Small Egos

    Our leadership team comprises smart, seasoned industry experts who value humility and compassion. And we all roll up our sleeves and work together to solve problems in a meaningful way.

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