The Pioneer of Financial Identity as a Service (FiDaaS)

Juvo utilizes advanced data science and machine learning technologies to build financial identities for the 3.9 billion people today who lack a formal financial record. Financial identities are creating new revenue opportunities for Mobile Network Operators and Financial Institutions by allowing them to engage with more consumers.

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Our partners in the YES economy

The global opportunity.

Today, 3.9 billion underbanked people worldwide are frequently denied access to products or services, simply due to a lack of a financial record. This represents a massive inefficiency in the modern, global economy.

Juvo creates financial identities to close the information gap that prevents many digital businesses from being able to trust their customers.

This is how Juvo is
Creating the YES Economy.

The FiDaaS Ecosystem

The YES economy is fueled by our ecosystem of partners, unlocking a world of financial possibilities for consumers as well as new business opportunities for themselves.

Mobile Network Operators

Maximize core business revenues and create new revenue streams from data monetization partnerships.

Financial Institutions

Increase the addressable market for financial services, extending credit and new financial products.


Grow business through qualified customers decrease rejection transactions due to insufficient information.

Juvo – Delivering the promise of FiDaaS

Driven to create the YES Economy, we are continuously innovating the FiDaaS platform to make that vision a reality. Using best-in-class technology, combined with data science and advanced machine learning, Juvo is building financial identities using alternative credit data sources for over 200 million people today.

Juvo is already working on a significant scale, updating 5.6 billion unique data points across nearly 30 countries, every single day. We make data predictable and actionable across the entire FiDaaS ecosystem to empower consumers on their journey to financial health.

For The World

Juvo provides the opportunity for billions of people to participate in a new financial world that until now has been closed to them.

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