Unlocking a world of possibilities with FiDaaS, Financial Identity as a Service

Introducing Financial Identity as a Service (FiDaaS), the technology suite that builds financial identities for the 3.9 billion underbanked consumers worldwide, creating new business models and revenue streams for our partners.

Using alternative sources of data to develop trust and creditworthiness, FiDaaS makes financial identities available for decision making, unlocking access to the digital economy.

FiDaas Across Industries

Build stronger, more profitable customer relationships by integrating and developing incremental data via FiDaaS, driving revenue growth with your existing customer base.

Discover How FiDaaS Can Unlock New Revenue Streams For Your Business

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Reach a whole new segment of creditworthy, yet currently underbanked consumers. Grow revenue streams by tapping into the potential of servicing 68% of the world’s underbanked population.

Qualify new, trustworthy customers for a range of services, and increase revenues through reduced abandonment and declined transaction rates.

Discover The Power of FiDaaS

Mobile Network Operators

Financial Instutions


Join the YES Economy Ecosystem

Simple integration with no hardware required

Rapid Development

Global cloud infrastructure makes financial identities available anywhere in real-time via API

Partner Ready

We update 5.6 billion data points daily, closing the information gap due to insufficient data

Data Powerhouse

Empowers end-users to take control of their journey to financial health

User experience

With over 200 million profiles built in 26 countries, we make data actionable and predictable

Deployed at scale

The Benefits of FiDaaS

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