——   Welcome to Juvo


We’re hungry. We work hard. We think harder. We measure twice and cut once, and we make it a practice to deliver world-class solutions to problems that take great big brains to crack. (We have a lot of those.)

What We Do

Juvo was founded with an overarching mission: to create the YES economy. We do that by establishing financial identities for the billions of people worldwide who are creditworthy, yet financially excluded.

——   Our Values

01. Be good global citizens.

As we travel the world, we remember that we are guests, and we try to be good ones. We respect our global friends by treating their countries as we would treat our own.

02. Make data matter.

We believe in data as a force for freedom, not manipulation. We use the privilege of access to improve people’s lives.

03. Leave a small footprint, but a giant impression.

Intelligent use of resources means looking for the small changes that have an outsize impact. When we choose where to spend our energy, we never forget that our customers are the stars of the show. We’re the supporting cast.

04. Treat everyone like a friend.

Good business is built on good relationships. We act with the best interests of our users, partners, and fellow employees top of mind.

05. Earn trust, don’t expect it.

Trust is easily lost and hard-won. In this area, we do things the hard way.

06. Never run with scissors.

Nothing is so expensive as unnecessary risk. We take on risk carefully, calibrated against reward.

——   Our Team

We are joyfully, passionately
changing the world.